Rebuilding Your Smile With Dental Implants

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Many people believe that once you lose a tooth the loss is permanent and there is no way back, but what if that is not necessarily the case? Losing a tooth is something no one wants to happen, but it can be an unavoidable aftereffect of some types of accidents, such as traffic accidents or sporting injuries to a person's jaw, these are the times when someone may start to believe that they have lost their tooth or teeth for good and there are few options available that would replace the lost. Many of those who lose a tooth, or several teeth may start to investigate the options that are available via dental devices such as bridges or dentures which can be used in cases of severe or complete tooth loss. However, these devices tend to come with their own challenges, such as moving when in the mouth and do not offer the patient a fixed in place solution that could be permanent. Dental implants Leicester can offer patients a strong solution to replacing lost teeth that will feel natural within their mouth and is tough enough to cope with the rigours and hazards the teeth are exposed to on a daily basis. Best of all, this is a treatment that offers patients a permanent and fixed in place solution that will last an entire lifetime. 

Freedom to enjoy food 
Often people who lose a tooth or some teeth start to find that some of the food they eat becomes difficult to eat, as they may be attempting to bite into and chew food with the gum and jawbone, this can be an uncomfortable and painful experience. This can lead to someone avoiding tougher foods such as steak or nuts. Once implants are inserted in place a patient may feel a sense of freedom when it comes to the food they eat, as the new teeth are tough enough to cope with most foods that a person may wish to consume and enjoy. 

Regaining your smile 
People who have lost teeth at the front of the smile sometimes decide to try and avoid smiling, due to a fear of embarrassment. This can make someone appear to be unapproachable and unfriendly when they may not be. Replacing the teeth at the front of the mouth may be a way to allow a person to regain their smile, therefore they will appear friendly and approachable once more. 

The treatment 
First, a titanium screw is inserted into a patient’s jawbone to form a base for any new tooth to be attached to, the teeth are made from a strong ceramic material that is coloured and shaped to allow it to blend in with any natural teeth surrounding it. Once in place. The replacement tooth or teeth should feel natural, and the patient should feel confident about using their new teeth in all the usual ways. Dental implants Leicester really do represent the best solution within the field of tooth replacement treatments and are more widely available than ever before, patients considering this treatment should contact their local dental practice to find out more details.

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