Proactive Steps to Achieving a Fantastic Smile

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A person’s smile can make or break their self-confidence. If they are unhappy with the condition of their teeth, a person can feel self-conscious about smiling and laughing. This can affect their ability to make friends, make progress in their job and even to find a life partner. Fortunately, there is lots of help available to ensure that everyone can get the smile they want. This is an exploration of some of the most effective ways to ensure that the teeth are an asset rather than something that needs to be hidden. These include dental implants in St. Albans, teeth whitening and braces. 

Dental implants 
Having a missing tooth or teeth can make a person feel much less attractive and confident about how they look. Dental implants offer an excellent solution to this and can be transformative when it comes to the smile. Implants are direct replacements for the roots of the teeth. They are made from titanium, a material that integrates very effectively with the jawbone to deliver a great result. The implants are placed into the jawbone before being topped with abutments and then artificial teeth. They offer stability and a very natural look that can last for many years, if not a lifetime in lots of cases. 

Teeth whitening 
Many people find that their teeth become stained or yellow looking as the years go by. This can be caused by drinking tea, coffee, cola and red wine as well as habits like smoking tobacco. In many cases, simple ageing results in the teeth failing to look their sparkly white best. There are three ways to increase and maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Firstly, establishing a solid oral hygiene routine at home can help to keep the smile bright. Brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing once per day can be very effective at removing stains and reducing yellowing. Secondly, visiting the dentist for regular check-ups should include a professional clean. This is also known as a scale and polish and can be great at removing stains and helping to restore the whiteness of the teeth. Thirdly, if previous measures have not quite achieved the desired level of whiteness, then the patient should opt for professional whitening. The dentist can help deliver great results with special moulds and whitening gel that can transform the smile. 

Having teeth that are protruding, crooked or overcrowded can really detract from a person’s smile. Keeping the teeth scrupulously clean and white is all very well, but if they are misaligned, then the person may still feel a distinct lack of confidence. This is where braces come in. Fortunately, there is now more choice than ever when it comes to teeth straightening. Invisalign is very popular due to being virtually undetectable by others, and other more discreet options such as incognito braces are also great options. Traditional braces remain one of the most effective ways to get a great smile and should be considered as a viable option.

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