Rebuilding Your Teeth with Dental Implants

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Losing a tooth is nothing short of traumatic. The biggest causes of tooth loss are injury or accident, examples of which would be a sports injury on a playing pitch or if someone is involved in a traffic accident. Tooth loss can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, or dental conditions such as weak enamel which put teeth at a higher incidence of breaking or decaying. Many people who experience tooth loss go on to investigate ways to replace the teeth they have lost with the use of dental devices such as bridges or dentures in cases of extreme tooth loss. While these devices can help someone to have something of their lost teeth back, they do not give the patient a permanent fixed in place solution and can also come with their own challenges, such as movement when worn in the mouth. What patients want is a tooth loss solution that is permanent, fixed in place, and rugged enough to cope with the challenges of daily life that the teeth have to go through. Dental implants in Plymouth can give patients a solid and long-lasting solution to tooth loss that will feel natural once in place. 

A treatment that is built to last 
What patients are looking for from a tooth replacement treatment is a solution that can be enacted once and that is strong enough to last the rest of a patient's life, dental implants fit these criteria. First, the patient will have a titanium screw inserted into their jawbone, this will form a strong base for a patient's new tooth to sit on and this will hold the new tooth firmly in place. The new tooth will be created using a strong ceramic material that will be coloured and shaped to match the patient's teeth, allowing it to blend in with any other teeth surrounding the area it is inserted. Once the new tooth or teeth are in place within the patient's mouth they will find that they look and feel just like natural teeth, this will allow them to use their mouths as normal. The hope is that over time a patient will struggle to identify any replacement teeth as they will feel just like real teeth at all times. These replacement teeth are extremely strong and hard-wearing, meaning they will be able to cope with the rigours and hazards people expose their teeth to on a daily basis. With the correct care any new teeth a patient receives will last, there is no need for a patient to learn a new cleaning routine as the new teeth can be perfectly cared for via brushing regularly as recommended by dental professionals. 

Regaining the teeth 
For those who have lost teeth and are looking for a practical way to regain their lost teeth, dental implants in Plymouth may represent one of the solutions they may wish to consider. Patients should contact their local dental practice to find out more details and book a consultation to find out if this is the right solution for them.

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