Studying For a New Career While You're Pregnant: Overcoming the Challenges

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As women it can be so difficult to 'do it all' when it comes to raising a family and building your career. Being pregnant and looking after small children can mean there's years of your life where you're at a standstill with your job. So studying and boosting your career prospects during pregnancy might be something you're considering. It is certainly possible to study for a new career while pregnant, however, it may require careful planning and some adjustments to accommodate the physical and emotional changes that can come with pregnancy. Pregnancy can bring about a number of physical and emotional changes that can affect your ability to focus and retain information. However, with the right mindset and some adjustments, it is possible to continue studying while pregnant and put yourself one step ahead towards securing the career you want later down the line when you're ready to return to work. Here are a few tips to help you study while pregnant:

Listen to your body
Pregnancy can be tiring, so make sure to get enough rest and take breaks when you need them. It's also important to eat well and stay hydrated to help keep your energy levels up. If you're having a day where you dont feel up to studying either physically or mentally then consider giving yourself a break and taking the time to recover. 

Consider online/ flexible courses
Consider taking classes online or finding flexible study options that will allow you to balance your schoolwork with your pregnancy. Take advantage of online resources; there are many online resources available to help you stay on track with your studies, such as online lectures, discussion boards, and online study groups.

Stay organised
Having a clear schedule and a to-do list can help you stay on track and make the most of your study time. Plan your study sessions to align with your energy levels- changes in your energy levels during the day will fluctuate during pregnancy. Try to schedule your study sessions for when you know you usually have the most energy, such as in the morning or early evening.

Find a comfortable study environment
Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can focus on your studies without distractions. You might also want to consider investing in a comfortable chair or desk that will help you stay comfortable while you study.

Stay in touch with your professors or instructors
If you're feeling overwhelmed or experiencing any pregnancy-related complications, it's important to communicate with your professors or instructors so that they can help you make adjustments as needed. There are lots of wellbeing appointments during pregnancy to keep tabs on yours and your baby's health, so if you need time off for these speak with your professors.

Take care of yourself both physically and mentally during this time. It might be good idea to talk to your doctor about any concerns you might have, and consider taking a prenatal yoga or exercise class that can help keep you feeling energized and relaxed. Remember that every woman's pregnancy is different and it is always a good idea to take your own pace and listen to your own body and preferences.

It can be challenging to balance the demands of school and pregnancy, but with careful planning and support, it is definitely achievable

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