Great Ways to Declutter Your Mind for Focus and Clarity

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Modern life is incredibly fast-paced, and can overwhelm and stress us all out at times. Tasks and responsibilities pile up with seemingly no time to relax, and as a working woman chances are you're juggling kids with career, a social life, relationship and everything else. It can be exhausting, so learning how to declutter your mind is important. It can enable you to switch off each day knowing you've done all you needed to do, and promote a more organised life and better work/life balance. Here's how you can go about it. 

Slow Down
Slowing down and taking breaks can help prevent feelings of being overwhelmed. It allows you to recharge, refocus and approach tasks with a clear mind, which can improve productivity and reduce stress. Delegate tasks to give yourself less to do, and spread out jobs throughout the day giving yourself enough time so you don't need to rush around. 

Make Lists
A daily to- do list can keep you on track, it can be motivating to tick things off and nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. Jot things down in a notepad or use the notes app on your phone, avoid trying to remember everything as that's when things will likely start to go wrong. Being able to check back on your list can keep you feeling in control and means you can stay prepared and organised for everything you need to do. 

Live Healthily
Living well generally can help to improve your mind and mental health. Good food, regular exercise, proper hydration and a good nights sleep all make a difference. When your body is performing well and has everything it needs, your stress hormones are reduced and you're generally better equipped to deal with everything that life throws at you. 

Time spent relaxing isn't a waste. It's not lazy- it's essential. Time off from being productive is needed, it allows your body and mind to recuperate and when you get back to your tasks, you'll be more focused. Read a book, take a nap, or have a hot bath. Pick up a hobby you enjoy, anything from cooking to crafting to gardening if it makes you feel good and helps you to clear your mind. Make time in your schedule to regularly enjoy these things. 

How do you keep your mind clear so you can stay productive?

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