Better Sleep Means Better Work: Here's Why

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Consistently getting 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep is linked to improved performance at work. So whether you want to get a promotion, do better work or run your business more efficiently, prioritising good sleep and sleeping habits can be a good place to start. Setting goals, being organised and putting in the effort during your work day is important, but if you've not had enough sleep then putting these into practice will always be more difficult. As women especially, getting enough rest can be even more of a challenge as we tend to be the primary caregivers to our children, often have other care duties and other responsibilities in the home on top of our work. So getting enough rest and sleep can be challenging, but here are just some of the reasons why you should try to prioritise it for better work and business. 

Improves focus and decision-making ability
Staying focused and being able to make good, clear headed decisions is important for just about any job.  If you have a job with a lot of responsibility, then this will be absolutely vital. Even if you don't work in a role where human lives are at stake from your decisions, chances are the choices you make can have a big impact on your company so it's not something to overlook. 

Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
Instead of reaching for coffee, energy drinks and sugar to give you a quick boost- concentrate on better sleep and rest at night time instead. Chances are you're not the most productive at work when you're dealing with slumps during the day, deal with these at the root cause rather than settling for quick fixes.

Improves mood and reduces stress
When you're in a good mood, everything seems easier and runs more smoothly. When you're already stressed, even low levels of extra stress on top can be really difficult to deal with. If you work in a job that has a high emotional load or a lot of responsibility then the last thing you want is added stress on top. 

Enhances memory and cognitive function
When you've had a full nights sleep, you're on top of your game when it comes to memory and cognition. If you keep messing up and forgetting things due to forgetfulness this will come across as really unprofessional. Better sleep means you stay sharp. 

Promotes creativity and problem-solving skills
Finally, you don't just think more logically when you're well rested but you're able to think more creatively too. Being able to think outside of the box can mean you can resolve problems more quickly and easily and come up with resolutions to issues without them taking additional time and energy. Even if you don't work in a particularly 'creative' job, creative thinking is useful to just about everyone, and is a benefit of a well rested mind. 

Do you get enough sleep? Had you considered the impact this could have on your career?

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