Why Choose Dental Implants?

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If you have missing teeth and aren’t sure what to do about it, then it could be worth looking into dental implants Hertfordshire. Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth, and their popularity continues to rise due to their natural look and durability. 

What are they? 
A dental implant can be inserted into the jawbone and acts as a foundation for a new tooth. Implants can hold crowns, bridges and dentures, which means that no matter how many teeth you have lost, they can be replaced. The implant itself is made up of two parts; the implant screw, which acts as the root of your new tooth, and the abutment, the part that connects the implant to your new tooth. 

The benefits 
When you get dental implants, you will really notice the benefits when it comes to their appearance, the feeling and your oral health. They can really help to bring your smile back, which is such a great feeling after struggling with tooth loss. 

Improved appearance 
One of the main things that draw people to get dental implants to help replace missing teeth is how the end result looks. Whether it’s one tooth or a whole set that you’re getting replaced, the look of your smile can be improved using dental implants. The crown, bridge or denture that is attached to the implant will be shaped and coloured to look as natural as possible and match your other teeth. 

If you’re struggling with missing teeth, you will know firsthand how uncomfortable it can be. It can make simple things such as talking or eating painful and/or awkward, which can really affect your daily life. Dental implants help to fill in all those gaps in your teeth that are causing you to feel uncomfortable whilst talking or eating. 

Every part of the dental implant, as well as the process of the treatment, is done with longevity in mind. Once your implant has been inserted, it will be left to fuse with your jawbone for a few months; this means that the implant essentially becomes part of your jawbone, so it will be as strong as your natural teeth. When you get a crown attached to an implant to replace a tooth, it will probably be made out of porcelain, which is a very durable material. The combination of the strong porcelain material and the fact that the implant is fused to your bone allows you to enjoy life without worrying about your new teeth falling out. 

Keeping your implants clean 
Something that people worry about when undergoing treatment with dental implants is maintenance, but it couldn't be simpler! You won’t have to do anything differently when it comes to cleaning your implants; just make sure you brush and floss them as you usually would with your natural teeth. 

The last benefit you will enjoy when you have dental implants is how long they last. If you keep up with a good, regular brushing and flossing routine and attend your routine checkups, your implants can last for 20 years or more!

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