Straightening Teeth: More Than Aesthetics

by - 11:51 AM

The interest in adult orthodontics has seen an upward trajectory in recent times with more than 200,000 patients (across the age divide) choosing to wear braces Stoke-on-Trent each year. Orthodontic devices are relied on to beautify smiles, improve oral hygiene, boost confidence, remove speech impediments and improve dental function. A healthy, happy and bright smile is perhaps the most sought-after personal asset in this modern age. A winning smile can hold far-reaching implications for the wearer, from improving one’s financial outlook (job offers, business deals) to social success and securing romantic interests (friendships, marriage, starting a family). It seems that with the abundance of benefits to having straight teeth including cosmetic perks and improvements in all-around health, there is much to be delighted about in the teeth straightening process. 

Health benefits linked to straight teeth 
The enhanced oral health and function benefit trumps as the single-most-important benefit to be had from orthodontic treatment. Far more depends on good oral hygiene than is at first thought and straight teeth play a critical role in the teeth cleanliness routine. As patients with crooked teeth are well-aware, misaligned teeth are frustrating and challenging to brush. Teeth that are cleaned properly make it less likely for plaque to accumulate in the mouth – plaque that harbours enamel-eating acids that cause cavities and tooth decay. Tooth loss and all the related unwanted consequences that are sure to follow can create problems for the patient. Guns are the other structure in the mouth that benefit directly from orthodontic treatment. The reduced likelihood of disease-causing plaque accumulation on teeth spells good news for gums. It is this plaque build-up and the bacteria and germs they carry that are responsible for the arrival of gum disease. Plaque and oral bacteria present a third danger, this time the risk is to physical health. Patients who suffer from advanced gum disease have a heightened risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, lung infections and strokes. This is because the oral bacteria responsible for gum disease have been found clogging veins and arteries in the cardiovascular system. 

Other issues
The proper alignment of teeth boosts dental health in another way. When teeth are crooked or overcrowded, this can increase the risk of wear and tear as certain teeth are exposed to more pressure due to bite force. By straightening teeth and bringing them into correct alignment, orthodontic treatment can prevent this excess wear and tear and save teeth from damage. Orthodontics can help make chewing more comfortable and effective. Food can be properly ground down into easily digestible fragments. It helps the digestive process absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently if food swallowed is minuscule in size rather than in large chunks that need to be broken down further. Orthodontic devices have evolved to now offer patients modern intuitive teeth straightening instruments that are exciting to wear. These removable highly discreet looking orthodontic tools, which resemble aligner trays rather than traditional orthodontic tools, have propelled straightening teeth to the forefront as a dental treatment of choice to improve the appearance of smiles in adults.

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