Restoring Your Smile With Invisalign

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Dental misalignment can impact a person’s self-esteem in a variety of ways. For some, avoiding social situations and constantly hiding behind a filter for their photos is the only way they feel they can show their smiles. With the teeth facing multiple directions, the upper jaw possibly hanging over the lower jaw or vice versa, it is easy to get hung up on cosmetically unappealing appearances. However, dental misalignment is not only an unwanted cosmetic issue but also the cause of a series of problems when it comes to oral hygiene. While this is not as uncommon as people may think, there is absolutely no need to shy away from the world or spend days worrying about your smile. When it comes to straightening teeth, clear braces Clapham can offer a discreet, comfortable and removable solution. 

Invisalign – what is it? 
When first looking into tooth realignment options, you may have stumbled across Invisalign. Using a clear plastic material, these custom-made aligners fit into the mouth in the same way that a gum shield does and gently push the teeth into different positions. Using high-end technology known as iTero, a 3D digital scan of your teeth, mouth and gums can be taken, which not only creates a visible plan of what results can be achieved for your smile but also aids in creating each custom aligner. Once treatment begins, the aligners gently push and guide the teeth into newly aligned positions. Pushing gently and consistently over 22 hours a day enables the teeth to gradually move with minimal discomfort. As the positioning progresses, your dental team will initiate regular check-up appointments, and as the treatment progresses, new sets of aligners will be brought in to continue moving your teeth. 

Reasons to choose Invisalign 
Choosing a dental treatment can feel a little daunting; however, your dental team will guide you toward the most suitable treatment option. Invisalign suits a variety of people due to the discreet and comfortable nature of the treatment. Due to the transparent material used and the snug fit to the teeth, even those up-close will be none the wiser! Going about daily life whilst undergoing treatment is therefore easy. Another benefit, which is down to the material, is how comfortable the aligners are. By using a soft plastic material, minimal friction is created between the gums and teeth, ensuring that ulcers and blisters are unlikely to occur. 

While comfort and appearance are high on most people's list, the length of time a procedure can take is something that needs to be seriously considered. After all, seeing results within a minimal amount of time ensures that people are more likely to stick with the treatment and follow the plan set out for them. A treatment that often fits within a 6 to 18-month time period rather than years of treatment with results early on is naturally highly beneficial and helps keep the treatment on track. The benefits of a transparent brace are numerous, so if you are looking to realign your smile, contact your dental team and see what they can do. 

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