Should I get Dental Implants?

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When someone loses their teeth, it can be really traumatic, some reports have even discussed that some patients feel the equivalent level of trauma to that of losing a limb. Losing teeth comes for some people with a great level of shame as the connotations that come with tooth loss are that of either poor hygiene or old age, neither of which are particularly great things to be feeling. Finding a solution to tooth loss that gives back patients the sense of normality is really important and there’s no better tooth replacement solution than that of dental implants in Bromley.

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are usually fixtures made from titanium that are anchored into the jawbone and then finished with a crown. The crown itself is especially made and designed to look and feel like the natural teeth or tooth of the patient. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement dental implants are a fixed long-term solution, if correctly looked after they can last for years and years. 

What are the benefits? 
The first and major benefit is that dental implants are fixed, so there’s no need to take your false teeth out for sleeping, eating or cleaning. Not only does this greatly benefit patients practically in that they can carry on their lives as they had done prior to tooth loss, but also because mentally it allows them to heal how they feel about the process. Removing teeth daily can for some people be a daily reminder of the teeth they have lost and can become a cause for stress and discomfort mentally. Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement that stimulate bone regeneration and development. One of the leading causes of tooth loss is due to bone deterioration caused through infection or illness and once one area of a bone stops growing it can cause further areas to stop too. Bone only regenerates when the area is stimulated, in the chase of the jawbone this is by the tooth root, when people lose teeth this process no longer takes place and as such more teeth can begin to fall out afterwards. Dental Implants stimulate the jawbone, which will help shield the bone from losing any more teeth for this reason. 

How long do they last?
They are a long-term solution, though at first the cost can seem intimidating, when you think dental implants can last between twenty to thirty years the cost can really become worth it. As long as you are taking care of your oral health through good oral hygiene and best practices there is no reason your dental implants won’t serve you for a really long time and once the procedure has been completed you can carry on with your life as before. Dental Implants are for many the most natural looking replacement, and they also feel natural too. With patients being able to eat and drink as they had done before tooth loss, and with this begin to grow their self-esteem back too.

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