How Best To Care For Your Invisalign

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Taking care of your Invisalign is just as important as wearing them every day - the alingers themselves can very easily and quickly become a centre for germs and bacteria to grow and develop which is why it’s so important you have the correct cleaning practices in place. So other than the obvious, what can people do in order to keep their aligners in tip top condition? Cleaning your aligners comes in two parts: 

Step 1
The cleaning of your teeth. Once you’ve had your Invisalign in Fulham designed and made and you’re starting to work through your first set of aligners you’ll need to start looking at the level of your cleaning now more than ever. Dirty teeth aren’t always noticeable, and actually don’t always feel dirty either. Bacteria often build up around the back of teeth next to the gum line, so make sure you’re checking this area to see if it’s clean. You should be cleaning your teeth at least twice a day but when you're wearing Invisalign in Fulham the ideal is after every meal. Make sure you are taking the time to achieve an even brush, spending thirty seconds on each section of the mouth and teeth and don’t neglect your tongue. Use circular brushing motions, and make sure to cover the full 360’ of the teeth. 

Step 2
The cleaning of the trays. It’s really important you clean the alinger trays themselves properly. Though you should be rinsing them with cold water every time you remove them - you should also be cleaning them twice a day too. It’s best to invest in a soft bristle brush especially for cleaning your aligners, and use it along the whole surface both inside and outside the aligner trays. It’s not recommended to use any products that could be harmful or discolour the aligners. Find a clear non toxic soap or a gentle white toothpaste to clean along the inside and outer edge of the aligners. Be sure not to brush too hard as you could damage the aligners. Cleaning crystals or dissolve cleaning tablets are another fantastic way to clean your Invisaligns that also helps give them back their natural gleam and shine. It’s only when the aligners are super shiny that they will continue to give that invisible look most people are looking for. 

It’s a good idea to invest in a couple of hard cases for your aligners to keep them safe whenever you remove them - some cases even have cleaning wells to dissolve cleaning products in which can be very useful. It’s also a good idea to buy a few spare travel toothbrushes to have as back ups when you’re out and about. You aren’t allowed to eat or drink in aligners at the risk of damaging or staining the trays and so equipping yourself with everything you need to keep your aligners clean and safe during your days is a really smart idea. 

Fundamentally the most important thing is to keep everything clean, if you keep on top of good oral hygiene you shouldn’t have any issues with your aligners in the future.

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