How Can Dental Implants in Milton Keynes Help With Missing Teeth?

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When a person loses one or more of their teeth, the effects can be quite traumatising. Learning to go through life without a full set of teeth essentially means rewriting the brain to tackle tasks in different ways, which can be extremely difficult for the individual when acts like smiling, eating and talking are hardwired into them from the second they open their eyes. With dental implants in Milton Keynes, however, taking back control of the things taken for granted has never been easier. With an option to once again have a full set of teeth and the stability to go alongside them, those who have suffered from tooth loss won’t have to change their lives anymore, resulting in the improvement of their overall happiness and confidence. 

What are the causes of missing teeth? 
There is no set reason behind losing a tooth. If someone has recently lost a tooth, they are likely to have already visited the dentist to shed some light on the situation. For those still unaware, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, which begins with bacteria in the gums that destroy tissue and bone. There are various other reasons, however, ranging from cavities, physical trauma and even old age. 

Can anyone get treatment for their missing teeth? 
With all dental treatments, patients should always consult their dentist before deciding on a way forward. A dentist who cares about quality patient care will start by taking a look at the patient’s mouth on a detailed level before recommending any treatments. In general, those who have healthy gums with no infections are well suited for treatment with dental implants; having suffered little to no bone loss can allow the metal screws to be installed securely into the jaw. 

How does the process work? 
As mentioned above, the process of getting artificial teeth installed should always start with a consultation with a dental professional. It is important that the practitioner is completely apprised of the patient's dental history and desires before taking the steps to create a full smile. Once all the necessary tests have been passed, the metal screw, which will replace the root of a tooth, will be installed into the patient's jaw and provided with time to heal. If everything has been healing well, the abutment, which is the artificial part of the tooth that can be seen outside the gums, will be placed on top. 

What are the benefits? 
One of the main benefits of the artificial tooth treatment is that the prosthetic crown can be made to match the patient’s surrounding healthy teeth in shape, colour and size. For some patients, dental insecurity can be a huge problem, so it is important to understand how natural of a look this treatment can provide. Similarly, the artificial teeth are just as stable as real ones, mirroring the way they act. Due to their stability, the artificial teeth can last for a very long time and allow patients to eat, smile and talk with improved ease.

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