WAHM's: Create a Home Working Environment To Improve Focus and Productivity

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Thanks to changing attitudes and improving technology, more people than ever had begun working from home in the past decade. So when covid hit, it really ramped things up in this area. And even now the chaos of the pandemic has died down and life has returned to a more normal state, lots of people have continued remote and home based working, as it provides so many benefits. Flexibility and being able to manage your own schedule in particular are two reasons why this type of work suits mums, and if you're a work at home mum it's important to create a space that supports productivity and reduces distractions. Whether you're a busy mother or just someone who values a good work-life balance, having an effective home working environment is essential for success. Here are some of the ways you can go about achieving this. 

Assess Your Workspace
As a working mother, it's important to create a home working environment that helps you stay focused and productive. If you have a home office, how about redecorating to make it more personal to you- a light, bright and airy room will be much more pleasant to spend time in. If you need a full redecoration, consider getting the professionals in; a quick search for 'handyman services in boise' (or wherever you live) will give you a list of decorators, plasterers and more. Aim to reduce distractions such as clutter and mess, and invest in good storage so you know exactly where everything is. A desk that's large enough to accommodate everything you need day to day and a comfy chair are also essentials. Check out Pinterest for design ideas, while you don't need a Pinterest worthy office it can be nice to improve its appearance and browsing others might spark some ideas for your own. 

Find the Right Work-Life Balance
As a working mother, finding the right work-life balance can be a challenge, but it's an important aspect of maintaining productivity and avoiding burnout. One way to find the right balance is to set clear boundaries and stick to them. For example, you might decide that you'll only work during specific hours each day or that you won't check your email outside of work hours. It's also important to communicate with your family about your work schedule and what you need from them in terms of support. If you have young children, try and find a childcare arrangement that allows you to work without interruptions while still fitting within your budget. For many of us, work can only really happen when the children are asleep or at school, so fit your schedule around this. Make your office a child and partner free zone and communicate this to them, that way when you enter the room you know it's all about work. When you finish for the day and close your home office door behind you and switch off from all work related tasks. 

Set Realistic Goals and Priorities
Decide what's most important to you in each situation- sometimes this will be work and sometimes it will be family. Understand that sometimes you'll need to say no to certain projects or delegate tasks to others, either because you don't have the time or you don't have the mental or emotional capacity to tackle the job to the standard you want (and thats ok!). Come up with a system at home so that your partner is pitching in and your kids are doing age appropriate chores. reducing your mental load. By focusing on what's most important, you'll be able to get more done in less time and have more time for the things that matter most to you. You're not superwoman and are only one person, you're not failing if you drop the ball at times or have to turn down certain opportunities either with family or with work. Be realistic about what can be achieved, and don't be too hard on yourself.

Take Care of Yourself
Finally, it's important to take care of yourself and avoid burnout. As a working mum, burning out is so easy to do, with so much responsibility on our shoulders it's no wonder we feel ourselves crumbling at times.  Make sure to take regular breaks, try and fit some exercise in if you can, and attempt to find time to do the things you love outside of work. Hobbies from home are a good way to take time to yourself and explore your interests outside of work and family- and can keep you sane! Consider baking, crafting, gardening, art: rediscover your passions and make at least some time for them. 

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