Improving Your Smile: Veneers, Braces or Teeth Whitening?

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There are now more options for getting a much-improved smile than ever, but which one is best? If a person has decided they want their teeth to look great and enjoy the new lease of confidence that goes with that, then they may be unsure of what treatment is the best choice. This guide explores three common ways to get a new smile and what kinds of issues they can be used to treat: veneers in London, braces and teeth whitening. 

Veneers in London are often chosen by people who are unhappy with their smile. This treatment is ideal for those whose teeth feature chips or cracks or are misshapen. It can also be used to resolve the issue of teeth that may otherwise be straightened using orthodontic treatment. Veneers also fix problems with high degrees of staining. Veneers are a way to cosmetically alter the appearance of the teeth so that they look white, straight and flawless. They are created using porcelain, a material that is hard-wearing and that can be made to look just like natural teeth. If the patient is looking for a quick fix that takes just a couple of appointments, and which gets instant results, then treatment with veneers is the way to go. 

If the teeth are out of alignment or overcrowded, then braces may be a good choice. Traditional braces that most people think of when they consider teeth straightening are still used today, and for good reason. They can fix nearly all orthodontic issues, and the results are usually excellent. For those who would like the benefits of traditional braces but do not want the whole world to know that they are having their teeth fixed, incognito braces may be a welcome alternative. They work in a similar way and come in the form of metal wires and brackets but are fixed behind the teeth rather than in front of them. This means that they are unlikely to be spotted by others and are very discreet. Invisible or clear braces are also a good option for those patients who require a little discretion. These are aligners made of soft plastic that is completely clear and which are worn over the teeth. They are made to measure, which means they fit the teeth of the individual patient perfectly and are not noticeable to other people. Clear aligners are removable, which means that the patient has more flexibility when it comes to their lifestyle during treatment. They can eat whatever they like, and remove the aligners whenever needed for sports, for example. 

Teeth whitening 
For the patient who has mostly uniform teeth that are damage free, but is troubled by yellowing and staining, teeth whitening presents a great solution. It is a very straightforward treatment, involving getting special trays from the dentist. These trays are infused with a whitening gel before being worn at night for a week or two. After the treatment is complete, most patients find that their teeth are stain free and look white and bright.

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