How to Set Up a Functional Home Office

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A functional home office is particularly important for freelancers and anyone who runs their own business. But if you are going to work from home, it makes sense to have your own proper working area- doing your tasks while lounging on the sofa or typing away at the kitchen table isn't ideal from a mental health or physical health perspective. Here's how you can get up, or improve your home office. 

Get the right desk and chair
When you’re working from home, chances are you’ll be sat at your desk the majority of the time. So it pays to get this area right, you need to be comfortable and have everything you need at arms reach. Start by finding the right desk, go with the biggest size that works in the room without it feeling crowded. this will give you plenty of space on the top to work from. The chair should be something you can comfortably sit in for many hours- this will depend on your personal preferences, so don’t just order online and rely on reviews. 

Upgrade your computer/ laptop
When you work from home, your computer will play a major role in what you do. For this reason, you absolutely need the right device that will be fast, reliable and perform all of the tasks you need. A standard desktop computer can be a safe choice as there’s plenty of memory and it can be upgraded as you go. However, if you’re on the go in your business or just like to work in different locations then a laptop would be the better option. Invest in something that’s going to perform well and is suited to you. 

Get high speed internet
You could have the best laptop or computer in the world but if your internet speeds are poor then you'll suffer lagging and disrupted workflow. Do some research into the best internet providers where you live, eg, Wyoming internet providers and then compare speeds to make sure you're getting the best you can.

Brighten it up with the lighting
The lighting is crucial to a good working environment. The right lighting will ensure your eyes aren’t strained while you’re working during the evening or night so find a lamp that you can easily adjust the brightness of- smart bulbs are perfect for tailoring the brightness and warmth of the lighting. Another tip is to place your desk near your window if possible. Research has shown that natural light is a mood booster and can help with productivity, so when you are working in the daytime this can help with your workflow. 

Make storage a priority
You might have a small, home-based business but it still needs to be run to a professional standard. And that means keeping things in order. When you run your own business or work for yourself in any capacity, there are lots of items you will need. This includes things like paperwork, stationery, stock, office equipment and more- and for this reason, storage should be a priority. Having the right storage allows you to keep your office neat and tidy, you’ll stay organised and know where everything is. 

Dont overlook aesthetics
You will of course want your office to be an aesthetically pleasing room to spend time in, it needs to be somewhere you’re happy to get on with things. Light neutrals will maximise the light and space, then you could make it personal to you. From splashes of colour to motivational quotes, plants and more- check out Pinterest for tonnes of great ideas.

Does your home office need a makeover? What are your tips for keeping it stylish and functional?

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