The Best Discreet Way to Improve Your Smile

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Seeking discretional treatments is not something new and with technology and knowledge continuously developing with the dentistry world it is no surprise that there are a variety of inconspicuous orthodontic treatments readily available. Whilst the traditional brace method is still highly effective and used across the world, it may not be the treatment for you and therefore it is important to open up discussion with your dental team. Using the idea of the traditional brace method, lingual braces have taken this successful method but altered the location of where the brackets sit. Similar to braces the brackets are bonded to the teeth and attached together using an archwire, but instead of being bonded to the front of the teeth for all the world to see, they are cemented to the tongue-side of the teeth.  So, what are the advantages of this? 

Inconspicuous from start to finish
As an adult, having metal braces visibly noticeable within the mouth can be enough to hide behind the mask forever. Undergoing treatment using a lingual brace ensures that only you and your Orthodontist Stoke-on-Trent, who will oversee your treatment, will be aware of it. Reaching your goal whilst continuing life. 

Removes the pressure
Whilst for some patients taking control of the treatment is important with lingual braces aside from keeping on top of the oral hygiene process, the monitoring of the treatment and any adjustments needed are carried out by the dental team. This removes the pressure of remembering to remove or replace aligners at particular times or negatively impacting your treatment when the aligner has been out all day. These braces remain fixed in place whilst working their magic. 

Tailor-made for comfort and effectiveness 
Each bracket is created to fit perfectly to your individual tooth. This helps ensure the tooth is pulled correctly into position whilst remaining as comfortable as possible. Once the treatment has been carried out and the goal reached, an aligner would be provided to ensure the teeth remain in their new position. Providing the retainer is worn and regular dental check-ups are continued to be carried out, the new smile should continue to dazzle for 10 years or more. The treatment got you to the straight smile and therefore maintaining it is over to you. 

A healthier smile
For some patients, realigning the smile is primarily down to cosmetic reasons as they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. This is of extreme importance as a smile can express emotion to yourself, to others and change the mood of the day. For others, their misaligned teeth cause discomfort when eating, impact their speech or cause problems with the alignment of their jaw. The physical discomfort combined with the decreasing self-esteem can weigh a person down. No matter what the reason for seeking a realignment solution, it is important to discover all the options available to you to create a healthier and happier smile. 

Opening up discussions with your dental team to get the ideas flowing and to better understand the solutions is only a step away. Book an appointment, attend a consultation and begin the journey to straightening the smile.

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