The Business of Brides: Starting a Venture in the Wedding Industry

by - 6:07 PM

Looking to start up a new business venture? Doing so in the wedding industry can be extremely lucrative. Not only do wedding vendors generally make more money than others in their sector, but you also get to be part of people’s big day which is always rewarding. Let’s face it, everyone loves a wedding! Here are some of the ideas you could consider for your business venture. 

Wedding transport is great business, from chauffeur services to horse and carriage rental, even wedding buses are all popular!  If you’re planning on driving a vehicle, you will of course need a full license as well as a number of years driving experience. You may also need to take an advanced driving test. You will then need to contact your local taxi licensing office to apply for a private hire license. Your local council/ licensing authority will control the age and type of vehicle you will be able to operate. Normally it will have a maximum age limit on the vehicle to ensure safety. You will also need a DBS check. While there’s some hassle involved in sorting out the paperwork, once it’s done and out of the way you’re good to go. 

If you already have a background and understanding of photography, why not become a wedding photographer? You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a wedding photographer, although some professional training in the form of various courses will be invaluable. Most importantly, you will need experience and a good portfolio to do well as a wedding photographer, this may mean working for free for a while so you can build up a range of photos. When people are looking to book a wedding photographer, it’s their previous work they will be interested in and will book you if they like your style. This is something you could do in your spare time as a hobby until everything is set up and you’re ready to make a go of it full time. It’s important to develop a good understanding and knowledge of what people want, you have the important job of documenting the most important day of people’s lives. So plenty of experience is a must.

Do you have a passion for food and cooking? Have you already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in a professional kitchen or food industry? Then a catering business is a fantastic option. You could provide the food for engagement parties as well as wedding receptions. There are a number of certificates and licenses you need to deal with food, which if you already work in the industry you will be familiar with.

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