Kids and Career: Is It Possible For Women to Have It All?

by - 2:01 PM

We're often told as women that it's not possible to 'have it all'- kids, career and sanity! However this simply isn't true, while of course there are challenges to overcome with hard work and dedication it's possible to raise a family while earning money, keeping your skills sharp and maintaining your career. Whether you choose to return to work full time or stay at home with your children is entirely up to you, there's no right or wrong answer and it all depends on your personal circumstances. However if neither of these seem like the right option then there are ways you can find the balance, here are some examples. 

Reduce Your Hours
One of the ways you can find the balance between kids and career is by staying in work, but reducing your hours. This could mean working half days, or only working certain days in the week. This allows you to keep your skills sharp while having more time to spend with your children and keeping up with your commitments at home. Speak with your employer and see if they're able to accomodate you with this. Otherwise you could look for a stop-gap type job with part time hours which will earn you money and teach you new things until you're ready to get back onto the career ladder full time. 

Work For Yourself
When you work for yourself, you get to call the shots. You can decide the hours you want to work and it's easy to adapt this around family life. While of course you will still need to make appointments and meet deadlines in the work you do, if you know you're going to have a busy week you can decide to take on less. This could be anything from running a home business to working as a freelancer. You could work as a mobile beautician, hairdresser, photographer, cleaner or set up any other business of your choice depending on your skills and experience. If you know you want to have children in the future and are still planning your future career, training or getting education that will allow you to work independently is a smart choice.

Work From Home
These days, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money that don't even involve you having to leave the house. Of course, there are plenty of home business and freelance options you could look into but lots of companies also hire staff who can work remotely. These positions tend to be flexible, you will be given a workload then have a day to get it done. This is great as you can structure your own day, and of course not having to leave the house means no travel costs or hassle involved. It's something you could do while your children are at school or even in bed at night. From blogging and writing positions to call centre, admin and much more, scour job listings for positions you can do from home. 

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