How Is Technology Changing Our Lives For The Better?

by - 11:26 AM

Technology becomes more and more advanced every day; it's strange to think that not so long ago we lived in a world where most of us didn't even have the internet in our homes. In just a couple of decades things have advanced tremendously, and life is completely different. Safety and technology is a double edged sword- one on hand, it can create or facilitate crime such as cyber theft and fraud and even people wanting to steal high value tech items. But there are many ways that it makes our world far safer too, here are a few examples. 

In Our Homes
Home security is incredibly important. After all, this is the place where our loved ones are, our pets, our possessions that we've worked so hard for. Some of the ways that technology makes us safer at home is with CCTV and burglar alarms- however these days, these systems go a step further with 'smart technology.' They can link up to our phones so we can keep tabs on our homes from anywhere in the world. With CCTV footage now being backed up to the cloud, a  burglar can't simply break in and steal the footage. Burglar alarms can contact our phones and the police directly if they sound- so no risk of it going off and no one doing anything about it. There are lots of other ways smart home can keep us safe too. For example, being able to turn the lights on and off with an app can give the impression that someone is home when you're away. You can even do the same with plug sockets, turning on and off things like TVs and radios. If a burglar is scoping out your property, they're not likely to chance if it they think someone is home. Safety is important to all of us, however as women if can be a particular concern and something that you actively worry about especially if you live alone. Anything that makes our homes safer is no bad thing. 

In Business
In business, one of the biggest risks to security and finances is theft and fraud. Thieves could ruin your entire business venture, stealing your money, your customer data (which can be used for fraud purposes) and damage your reputation beyond repair. Good firewalls and defenses can help to prevent against this, then you also have software which can verify things like ID to protect you against fraudsters. Virtual private networks (VPNS) are a great security feature, they can hide your IP address and provide another layer of protection- check out the best vpn for windows 10 or Mac depending on what operating system you use. Video analytics can also be useful for many types of businesses as it's able to identify when someone enters an unauthorized area within your workplace. This alerts you to things like perimeter breaches or high risk zones in places such as factories, airports or warehouses. Fingerprint and face recognition as a way to enter secure areas can also help to keep fraudsters and thieves at bay.

On The Roads
Cars are items of high value and therefore will always be things that thieves will target. However, with new security tech features, they're finding it increasingly difficult to get away with them. Tracking devices are one example, criminals will often steal cars and leave them a while in a hidden area to make sure they don’t have a tracker in them. Cars with trackers are far more likely to be recovered, and once all cars are fitted with trackers as standard this will make thieves lives far more difficult. Dash cams also useful for keeping us safe on the roads, they can protect against fraudulent claims and prove your innocence in an accident. 

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