Changing Direction: Is a New Career on the Cards?

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There are lots of reasons why you can end up in a career that's not right for you. Maybe when you started out in the world of work you weren't aware of the options you had, or perhaps you left school without the qualifications needed to pursue your dreams. You might have got into a job that was perfect for you back then, but as time has gone on and you've changed as a person, you feel like your role doesn't quite 'fit.' You might be overworked and feeling constant pressure in your life, or be underworked and under challenged and bored a lot of the time. Maybe you want to work a job that makes a genuine difference in the world, instead of spending your working life lining the pockets of a big corportation. Either way, there are lots of reasons that you could reach a point where a change of career seems like a good way to go. Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge.

Why Do You Want to Make a Change?
Our careers are a huge part of our lives, and so any decision to make a drastic change shouldn't be taken lightly. It can help to first have your reasons set out as to why you want to make this change and what difference it will make to your life. That way, you won't get cold feet later down the line as it's clear in your mind exactly why you're doing this.

Are You Ready For The Challenge?
Finding a new job is never easy, for every position out there there's always going to be a lot of interest and people applying. Even if you've spent time beforehand improving your education, doing voluntary work and undertaking training to boost your chances- you still might experience a fair bit of rejection before breaking your way into the new industry. A good recruitment agency can help you identify any transferable skills that you have from your past job, and companies like ARC Resumes can ensure that your resume presents your skills in the very best way, attracting a recruiters attention and giving you the best chance of snapping up the jobs you apply for. So don't be afraid to get professional help if you're finding it a struggle.

Can You Afford It? 
A change of career will generally mean leaving a job where you're higher up and taking one where you're back at the bottom- or close to it. One of your reasons for changing career might be that the switch will allow you to eventually earn more money, but chances are you will need to spend time (sometimes years) building up to this. You may have to accept a bit of a knock to your salary at first, find out how this will affect the rest of your life and whether you're still able to afford your home, bills and everything else you need to pay for. A bigger salary long term could be worth the cutbacks in the here and now, do some research into how much you're likely to be able to eventually earn. And be sure to take regional differences into account, in regards to salary what is a good one in London and what is a good one elsewhere in the country will be vastly different.

While there are lots of bright young things out there, employers know what they are looking for and they realise potential when presented with it. So do all you can to improve yourself and your skills and if a change of career is right for you then get out there and go for it!

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